How to search for completed listings

There are two ways to search for completed listings on StuffMine. The quickest way is to run your normal search and filter the view. As an example, if you wanted to find sold Dinky Toys, start by running a normal search from the homepage;

 photo Help-pages-screen1_zps2ddjqljh.png

Once you click 'Search' you will see the following options at the top of the page. By default you will only see active listings. You will see that 'Active' is blue and 'Completed' is white;


 photo Help-pages-screen2_zpsgkru9bey.png

Once you have clicked 'Completed' your view will switch over to completed listings. If the item actually sold, you will see a grey sold button under the photo;


 photo Help-pages-screen3_zpsouewmkmn.png

You can also filter search results from the top between auction and fixed price. In addition, you can sort the display order using the drop-down menu;


 photo Help-pages-screen4_zpse8pyrh5f.png